Emily is a 20 something year old submissive living in the South. Balancing her submission, feminism and all the areas of her life that fall in between. She is diving in and exploring the BDSM lifestyle both online and offline, and putting it all into words, hoping other men and women exploring the lifestyle may enjoy watching her journey- and possibly learn a thing or two together along the way.

A Note From The Author

Welcome, A/all,

Let me start by saying, I am not an expert. Not at blogging, not at submission and certainly not at telling others how they should or shouldn’t explore this lifestyle.

That being said, when I was first finding my way into the big world of BDSM I craved to hear a female perspective that looked like mine. Someone who didn’t have all the answers but was thriving and enjoying every moment of figuring it out.

Think of this blog as sitting down at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee with a friend as she updates you on this big, new and intoxicating lifestyle she just discovered. Girl talk- but with a kinky twist.

Ask questions, do your own research and take my words with a grain of salt. Every single dynamic and journey is going to look differently- and that’s okay. I can’t wait to get to know yours.

Suddenly yours,