Things I love

I thought it might be nice to make a running list of products I’m currently using & loving. None of these are sponsored and I have zero affiliations with the websites- just the toys I am honestly using and enjoying (sometimes over and over) every day. Each picture has a link to where I personally bought the product if you feel like trying them out for yourself.

Greedy Girl G- Spot Rabbit Vibrator

My first vibrator ever was a purple rabbit that my best friend gave me at Red Robin when I turned 18. That little guy gave me hundreds and hundreds of orgasms before it finally crossed the kinky rainbow bridge a few years ago and this is definitely a much needed upgrade. G-spot orgasms have always been evasive for me, but this definitely gets the job done. The rabbit and shaft each have separate controls with multiple speeds and patterns, and I am a big fan. My favorite way to use it with the other two products here- my self orgasming trifecta.

Kush Queen CBD Lube

This is my favorite lube. Hands down. I had been researching CBD lube for a while before trying this product and I am so so happy I did. It is light and water based, so there’s none of the stickiness I hate with different lubes I’ve tried. It’s safe with toys and condoms- which is another plus. CBD lubes are thought to increase blood flow and help with muscle relaxation, and this little bit of indulgence makes my orgasms feel even more like self care. If you’re trying a different brand, make sure that you buy one with 0% THC (unless that’s your jam) and try and stay away from the one’s that are coconut oil based- as this can mess with your pH balance.

Gem Anal Plug

This is my first plug- ever! B will have my wear this for reminders throughout the day and this is comfortable enough to wear for a couple hours or out of the house. I am currently still using the smallest size, but will go up eventually as we continue our anal training. This one is cute and I love the gem, but will say that sometimes the edges around the gem will bother me if I am sitting too long. The stainless steel is very easy to clean & sanitize, but I do need to warm it up prior to use because it gets cold.