Hide & Seek

A short (okay, not that short) erotic story. This post is NSFW and is my first time writing anything in story format, much less erotica, so please leave feed back if you’d like to see more like this on the blog…. enjoy, darlings.

Idly she sits at the kitchen counter, stirring her spoon lazily in her peppermint tea, glancing at her phone for what feels like 100th time.
5:20 pm. No texts.
A slight sigh of disappointment escapes her lips. “5:20… How can it possibly only be 5:20pm?” she mutters to herself, pulling her bare legs up to her chest on the bar stool, her long blonde hair falling down over her shoulders as she rests her head on her knees.
5:21 pm. No texts.
Groaning, she turns her phone face down, sliding off the stool and calling out to the kitchen. “Alexa, play my cleaning playlist.” Loud music, much louder than He likes, fills the still sun soaked walls of their kitchen, humming and twirling as she pours out the rest of her now cold tea. Sliding up the sleeves of her emerald sweater up she fills the sink with warm water and lavender soap, melodies filling her head as she gets lost in her tasks.
5:25 pm. Wrapping up at the office early, pet.
5:35 pm. Walking out the door…. I’m starving.
5:36 pm. Hide.

Dishes dry and back in their place, she dries her hands on the light yellow towel, running her hands through her hair and brushing it over her left shoulder as she hears a car pulling up into their long driveway. Nervously she reaches for her phone, knowing it’s much too late for mail this far out of town and still an hour too early for Him to be home.
5:50pm. 3 texts.
“Fuck.” She knows Him well enough to know that when He says He’s starving it is not for the lovingly prepped casserole waiting in the fridge. She glances towards the living room, mindful of the all the spots He’s found her before. He always finds her.

The sound of metal on metal hits her ears as the key slides inside the front door. A slight smile crosses her lips as she hooks her manicured fingers into the waistband of her lace boy shorts, sliding them down her hips, draping them over the key rack. Quickly she runs to His office and crawls under the large oak desk, careful not the disturb anything else that belongs to Him. Pulling the leather chair back in its place, she all but holds her breath, willing her heart to stop beating quite so loud.

He steps inside the door, setting His wallet down on the entry table and absentmindedly placing His keys in their place as His fingers graze against the still warm lace. He chuckles softly as He slides the panties off the hook and tucks them into His back pocket, calling out playfully into the house. “Alexa, stop. I can’t hear My pet with all this noise and that means she can’t hear Me coming to find her.” He loosens His tie and rolls up the sleeves of His blue button down as He walks to their bedroom, eyeing the cracked door to His office as He slams the bedroom door loudly, imagining her little gasps she never quite manages to hide. Sitting down on the bench at the foot of their oversized four post bed, He undoes His shoes and sets His tie to the side, moving over to His chest. He glances at the various implements He has added to His collection over the years, memories flooding His thoughts as He picks up His favorite flogger, the leather weathered from nights much like this one. Setting it back in its place, He makes a mental note to polish it later as He sets a hand on His hip. A devilish grin crosses His chiseled features as He shuts the chest and undoes His black leather belt.

She peeks out from behind the chair, the house silent since she heard their bedroom door slam. Settling back into her shadowed hiding spot, she pulls her sweater down over her knees, suddenly feeling exposed after her brave panty tease. She knows better to taunt Him when He gets like this. Her wandering thoughts are interrupted by the familiar snap of leather, followed by a dull dragging sound echoing down the long hall that connects their bedroom to the rest of their house. Connects the bedroom to His office. “Come out my little, pet. You know I go much easier on You when I don’t have to work so hard for My dinner” He taunts, before slamming the belt loudly against the wall. The hallway closet door opens and closes, loud. “I found the little gift you left for Me, sweetheart.” The bathroom door slams. “And I can’t wait to show you what I’m going to do with it.” The crack of leather strikes again against the wall. She closes her eyes and holds her breath, covering her mouth with her trembling hands. He’s getting closer.

He pauses outside the office door, unfolding the leather and draping it over His neck as He slowly pushes open the door, walking quietly across His dimly lit office and slamming His right hand down on the top of the desk as He kicks His favorite chair to the side. Crouching down He takes in her half naked form, growling as He grabs her ankle and drags her into the light. Her flushed cheeks and soft perfect skin teasing Him as she looks up, biting her lip and eyes wide. She’s always big and brave until Master pulls out the belt. Growling once more, He leans down and kisses her hard, tangling His large hand in her hair as He pulls her up to her knees. “There you are, My pet. I told you I’d find you,” He mutters as He uses His free hand to unbutton His pants, exposing His already hard cock.

Her soft blond curls framing her face as she looks at Him, spreading her knees wide and moving her hands, palm up, gently on each thigh. No longer concerned about her sweater as it rides up her stomach, she can feel her cheeks turn crimson as He begins to slowly stroke His cock. “Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?” He mutters, pressing His calf between her thighs as He uses her hair to force her head up, her wide brown eyes meeting His. “Beg.”

“Please let Your pet taste Your big hard cock,” she gasps, letting her weight settle down onto His leg as He presses up against her pussy. “I’ll be such a good girl and make Master feel so so so good. Please let me taste. Please. Please,” she mutters desperately.

“No” he growls, tightening His grasp in her hair as He turns to walk to the bedroom, His 6’2 frame towering over her as she crawls and whimpers, trying to keep with with His brisk pace. “Bed, now. Hands above your head, wrists crossed. Spread Your thighs and stick out your tongue. Master wants to be able to see all His holes,” He growls as He tosses her in the direction of their large bed, watching her quickly scramble to the side, “Ah, ah, ah. What is My pet forgetting?”

She gasps slightly, pulling her emerald sweater over her head and placing it carefully in the hamper. “No clothes in Masters bed. Sorry, Sir.” Naked and exposed, she crawls to the center of the bed, following each instruction as she watches Him set the black leather belt down on the foot of the bed and slide His unbuttoned shirt off each strong shoulder, pushing down His pants and joining her on the bed. Black fabric balled in His right hand as He leans down, kissing her hard before pulling away and shoving her lace panties inside her mouth, smirking slightly.

“Eyes open, don’t move, pet” he growls, picking up the belt and folding it in two. The belt striking the bed inches from her head as she lets out a small gasp around the panties, eyes wide and breathing just a little faster. He grins, always caught up in by how responsive her body is to Him as He drags the folded belt lazily over each breast and down her stomach, grazing Her pussy before raising it back above His head and slamming it down between her thighs. A small, muffled scream. Fuck. He tries to keep focus on His game, but His eyes wander down her body and focus in on her swollen pussy as He tosses the belt to the side and climbs on top of her, pulling the now wet panties from between her lips. “Beg.”

She takes in a deep breath before whimpering, “Please please please fuck me, Master. Please please. It’s been so long and Your pussy misses Your big hard cock so so much.”
He smirks, leaning back slightly and looking down at her as she arches up off the bed and into Him. “Pet, I fucked you last night.”
“It’s been so so so long,” she giggles, “Please baby, please fuck me. I need it. Look how wet Your pussy is for You. Please, Master.”

He groans as He reaches a hand down and drags a finger along the length of her wet pussy before placing His hands back on each side of her head, sliding His hard cock into His favorite hole and closes His eyes for a moment as He feels her tighten around Him. Giving her a moment to adjust, He begins thrusting slowly in and out of her, eyes locked on her face.

Her eyes rolling back as He begins to pick up the pace, feeling her tight pussy stretch around His hard cock as He pushes in deeper inside her with each thrust. She arches her back off the bed, grasping the sheets above her head and moaning softly as she gives in fully to the sensations. His hands moving to her hips as He sits back on His knees, angling her hips up and slamming into her deeply, holding her against His cock before leaning down and biting her shoulder, a loud whimper escaping her lips. She moves her arms around His back, digging her nails into Him and crying out, rocking her hips up to meet His.

Dragging His teeth down her skin, He pulls out His cock and flips her roughly on her stomach. “Ass up, pet.” Pushing back on her knees she spreads her thighs wide, face pressing into the bed as she clasps her hands behind her lower back just like He likes, breathing faster as His cock once again slams deep inside of her. Whimpering, her pussy begins to throb involuntarily around Him, moaning loudly into the bed.

Grasping her hips roughly He slams inside what is His, His finger dips digging into her skin hard enough to leave marks. Groaning He feels her pussy drip around His cock and onto His thighs, muttering, “Does my little pet need to cum, already? She’s making such a mess.She nods into the bed, her body rising and falling and she breathes hard and fast, panting for her Master. “Yes, Master. Please may I cum for You? Please please please. You feel so good. Please let me cum.”

“10”, He growls.
“8”, picking up His speed
“6”, His hips slamming hard against her ass and thighs
“3” His breathing faster, groaning as He feels it begin to build
“1, cum pet. Cum hard on Master’s cock”

She cries out, moaning loudly as she cums hard as He reaches “1”, her pussy throbbing and milking every drop of hot cum out of Him as He explodes deep inside of her. Panting and trembling she collapses into the bed, feeling all His weight settle down on top of her as she sinks into the sheets.

“Thats my good girl. Breathe. Breathe, baby. You did so good” he mutters, kissing along the back of her shoulder and wrapping His arms under her body as He rests on and in her. “Such a good girl for Master.”

She closes her eyes, sighing contently as she rests safely in His arms, dreaming of the next place she will hide.

Suddenly erotic,

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