First Impressions

B, L & I have recently started a “triad journal” of sorts. A place to check in, share our thoughts and write about our days in a way that’s not always possible in normal daily, interactions. The idea was recommended to us by a lovely couple in the lifestyle and I am so excited to see how this intentional practice of communication grows our dynamic. Although these journals are generally private, my lovelies allowed me to share today’s entry with y’all. Theirs, however, I am keeping under lock and key but I will let you know the term “the kinky girl door next door” was thrown into the mix. New tagline, maybe?

This week’s journal prompt, thought up by yours truly, was to describe our first impressions of one each other. So without further ado…

Enter, L.

When I met L, even in an online setting, she lit up the room. She was funny and cute and smart. When I say this girl is clever, I mean she comes up with jaw dropping comebacks that literally have made me spit out my drink like some sort of blooper reel. She made me want to play my music a little louder, dance around the bedroom drinking mango moscato and learn every single thing there was to know about her. From the moment we met, I just wanted to be around her and get close to her. I would fight sleep just to talk to her longer, even though I am a little old lady at heart and used to be in bed by midnight-tops. Now 3 am would come and go, but I knew she was worth any amount of sleep deprivation. I loved how she would be shy one moment and then steal everyone’s attention the next. I felt like everyone in the room HAD to want to be with her because, hell, I was “straight” and I wanted be with her.

Enter, B.

When I met B, I knew from the start He was different. His “come on” was well thought out and , in the least creepy way, He made it clear He had been observing how I interacted with others. I liked that He thought before He acted and seemed to take the act of even engaging in a conversation seriously. He was obviously well versed in the lifestyle and had a strict moral code He lived by. He was witty and alluring and was able to get me flustered whenever He wanted. B was a challenge, and lord knows I love a challenge. He held things close to the vest in a way that when He did share things about Himself and His life, I felt like I was joining this secret club of people who were lucky enough to get to know Him. From the first time we talked, I knew He was the gold standard of the type of Dominant I craved. Stern, kind, honorable and sadistic in all the best ways.

Suddenly yours,


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