If you read my last post about my dynamic, you already know that I’m in a triad with two lovely humans. If poly isn’t your cup of tea or not something you’ve been exposed to- let me give you a quick crash course in what it is, what is isn’t, and what it means for me and mine.

Polyamory is consensual, ethical, non-monogamy. This means that all the individuals involved in a polyamorous relationship are fully aware and consent to their partner(s) being with other people both sexually and romantically.

Poly is not cheating.

Poly is not just casual sex.

Poly is not an open relationship.

Poly does not mean there are not rules.

For us, poly means that all three of us are in a relationship both with each other individually and as a whole. We are a closed triad, which means if either of us pursued romantic or sexual partners outside of each other, it would still be cheating. We are not just in it for threesomes, we each care deeply about each other. My heart isn’t full unless the dynamic between B & L is happy, healthy and thriving, in the same way they need me to be fulfilled in each of my dynamics. We approach life as a team, and for us it is a beautiful set up that allows all of our needs to be fed. L and B complete each other in ways and aspects of the lifestyle in ways that I am not able to, and I love knowing that my partners are being taken care of completely, even when it’s not from me. It takes the pressure off of me to be all things to all people, and allows me to flourish in the areas of the dynamic that only I can give to them.

Poly is a lot of work.

Poly is incredibly rewarding.

Poly is a valid relationship.

Poly is the best relationship set up for me, to date.

I’ll go into poly more in depth at a later date, but the biggest takeaway is that it requires a lot of communication and willingness to be transparent by all involved. Poly is not for everyone and even more so, a lot of people have a really negative view on what it means. Keep an open mind as you read my blog, do your research and ask questions. There’s a big world out there and I can’t wait to help your explore it.

Suddenly yours,


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